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Kai Niklas - VULKAN Trainer

As the CEO of Development i have over 15 years of programming-experience. I can show the trainees the VULKAN way of programming that have evolved out of every day business .
AS a Member of the `Vulkan Advisory Panel` i had early API access. I am the `CHAPTER LEADER` of the Khronos Chapters Rhein-Ruhr.


- VULKAN Basics

Tutor for Programming

I am also a 'Zend Certified Engineer' ( PHP ) and can train topics on all OS. ( Windows, Mac, Linux )
Other Trainings may be for:
- C/C++,
- PHP,
- Java,
- JavaScript,
- Shell,
- Perl,
- Python,
- ...
As well as Database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, FIREBIRD.

Zend Certified Engineer

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